This 1-Day workshop for contractors is your ticket to understanding the “Why,” the “How,” and the process of insurance claims.


Course Overview

We understand the pride you take in your work as a contractor. The relationship between contractor and adjuster can be groomed for success — or can be destined for failure, fraught with tension and misunderstanding.

Train to Adjust’s Mosaic Course focuses on strategies for contractors to realize continued success with insurance claims, as well as direct interaction with field and desk adjusters in charge of your client’s claim.

When you’re able to put together all of these pieces after going through our Mosaic Course, life working with insurance claims is not only smoother and more fun, but more profitable as well.

Categories we will cover:

  • Ordinance and law
  • How to document a file
  • When to submit an estimate
  • When not to submit an estimate
  • How to get organized
  • Understanding the principles of overhead and profit
  • The importance of the DOI
  • Mitigation charges
  • Tree removal
  • Debris removal
  • Matching: how and why
  • How to field inspect for damage
  • Distinguishing roof damage (storm damage, lichens, manufacturer defects, wear and tear)
  • How to get the backend, up front
  • And more

Your ticket to making your insurance claim work more efficient and profitable.

*This is a limited and exclusive course, providing contractors with the insight to improve their insurance claims business.


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